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Company focused to clinical development of naturally derived bioactives.

Amazentis is an innovative, dynamic and growing clinical stage biotech company positioned in the consumer health and clinical nutrition sectors and is located in the multicultural region of Lausanne, Switzerland. Acting at the intersection of the food and pharma industries, Amazentis employs best-in-class science to discover and develop new products to manage specific health needs and support an active lifestyle.

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See also: Institute Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) - University that specializes in natural sciences and engineering.

Details last updated 12-Dec-2019

People at Amazentis

Davide D’Amico

R&D Group Leader, Translational Science with Amazentis

Chris Rinsch

CEO and Co-Founder of Amazentis

Amazentis News

Reason reports back from October's Rejuvenation Startup Summit

Fight Aging! - 19-Oct-2022

Some really exciting developments with quite a few in clinical trials


Urolithin A can increase mitochondrial health in living joint tissue and improved mobility

Business Wire - 07-Jul-2022

Mitopure can improve mitochondrial health and counteract age-related muscle function decline


Amazentis’ proprietary Urolithin A-clinically proven to improve muscle function

EurekAlert! - 17-May-2022

Mitopure will be offered inside Nestlé Health Science products


Daily supplementation with urolithin A helps treat muscle fatigue

Medical News Today - 25-Jan-2022

Boosts mitrochondrial health & muscle activity in aged people and those who don't exercise enough


Metabolite found in pomegranates has anti-ageing effects

Medical Xpress - 17-Jun-2019

Urolithin A could help slow certain aging processes, improve the functioning of mitochondria

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