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Urolithin A can increase mitochondrial health in living joint tissue and improved mobility


Key points from article :

Urolithin A shows promise for improving mobility with beneficial effects on structural damage in joints.

Tests in cells from healthy donors and from osteoarthritis (OA) human patients, and in the joints of OA mice, show improvements associated with increased mitochondrial health.

Supplementation with Mitopure for eight weeks protected against osteoarthritis disease progression in an experimental model.

Mitopure works by supporting the cells’ ability to renew the mitochondria, during the aging process. 

This change is associated with age-related problems in various tissues, including osteoarthritis.

“This study ... that Urolithin A can increase mitochondrial health in living joint tissue,” says Davide D’Amico, first author.

“It highlights the important role of mitophagy in maintaining healthy functioning joints throughout life.”

Research carried out at Amazentis and Scripps Research indicates and published in Aging Cell.

Mitopure can improve mitochondrial health and counteract age-related muscle function decline

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Aging Cell

Scientific Journal devoted to age related diseases.


Company focused to clinical development of naturally derived bioactives.

Davide D’Amico

R&D Group Leader, Translational Science with Amazentis

Scripps Research Institute

Medical research facility with focus on research and education in the biomedical sciences.