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Doomsday clock - 100 ticks away from midnight


Key points from article :

Greenhouse gas emission or nuclear weapons are predicted to bring upon the end of the world.

Presence of nuclear weapons means that they will be used one day by accident or intentionally.

Treaties between countries on nuclear weapons are falling apart.

Climate worsens as some stubborn countries don’t want to curb their greenhouse gas emission.

Global warming will intensify extreme weather, exacerbate poverty and global unrest.

Cyber-enabled disinformation campaigns undermines public’s ability to sort out truths and lies.

Too close to our own end and still we are not doing enough to prevent it

Mentioned in this article:

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Nonprofit organization concerning science and global security issues.


Warns the public how close humans are to destroying Earth with their own dangerous technology


Chair of The Elders


Consultant on advanced technology matters, Research Professor at George Mason University


Professor in Astrophysics and Physics


Expert in nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, nuclear arms control, nuclear security and nuclear nonproliferation


Senior Scientist at Stockholm Environmental Institute


An organization of independent global leaders working together for peace and human rights