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Musculoskeletal conditions are conditions (including disease and pain) in the muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons, i.e. the locomotor system.

Includes osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, osteopenia and sarcopenia.


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Use it or lose it – over 50s guide to muscle loss

Use it or lose it – over 50s guide to muscle loss

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Recent News

Revolutionary bio-inspired molecules accelerate bone healing: a breakthrough for regenerative medicine

TU Dresden (University of Technology) - 28-Apr-2023

Novel molecules enhance bone regeneration in mice by 50%, paving the way for treatments for bone fractures and related conditions


AKL Therapeutics’ investigational oral senotherapeutics drug APPA beneficial for osteoarthritis

Longevity Technology - 20-Mar-2023

Senescent cells have become one of the most promising targets for healthy aging research


Restoring glutathione -potential therapy could prevent old impaired stem cells from ever developing

UCLA Health - 27-Feb-2023

Higher levels of glutathione better at muscle repair while low levels of the same are bad at it


Exploring mesenchymal stem cell derived exosomal therapy as intervertebral disc degeneration cure

Live Forever Club - 08-Feb-2023

MSCExos shown to improve osteoporosis by promoting osteoclast cell proliferation and formation of blood vessels


Phase 2 clinical trial of lead drug candidate MYMD-1- a therapy for delaying aging

Business Wire - 26-Jul-2022

Sarcopenia drug trial shows no evidence of toxicity or safety issues

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