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Western diet spikes insulin and shrinks lifespan, study finds

Simple, low-carb diet can promote cellular health and delay ageing


Key points from article :

Too much of the hormone insulin, common in Western diets, speeds up cellular aging.

Insulin signals cells energy is abundant, skipping "housekeeping" and slowing cell death.

Damaged cells accumulate, leading to chronic disease and visible aging.

Ketogenic diet (<200 calories of carbs/day) or simply eating less helps.

Eat once daily also lowers insulin and boost cell repair.

Consume more foods that don’t spike blood sugar: eggs, whole grains, nuts, greens, fish, avocados.

Limit high-glycemic foods: yogurt, juices, pasta, potatoes, milk.

Ketones from fat breakdown promote efficient energy production, DNA repair, and longer lifespans.

Study led by Bradley Elliott from University of Westminister, published in the journal Antioxidants.

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Peer-reviewed open access journal related to antioxidants research

Bradley Elliott

Senior Lecturer in Physiology at University of Westminster

University of Westminster

Public teaching focused university in London

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Western diet spikes insulin and shrinks lifespan, study finds