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Smart toilets could provide effortless monitoring of a range of biomarkers, not just gut health


Key points from article :

It is believed that toilets could become the ultimate health monitoring tools.

Sonia Grego of Duke Univerisity co-founded Coprata and is working on a toilet that uses sensors and artificial intelligence to analyse waste.

“Having technology that tracks what is normal for an individual could provide an early warning that a checkup is needed,” she says.

Urine is easier to sample and analyse and Joshua Coon’s academic lab, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is focused on it for now.

Small study was conducted and it implicated that analysis could be good for long-term health.

Compounds in urine showed exercise level, medication presence, sleep quality and fat/calorie intake.

Researchers at Stanford School of Medicine and analysing faeces real-tme and tracking the velocity and colour of urine.

Scanner uses the analprint to determine who is using the toilet.

Vik Kashyap’s company, Toi Labs, has been working in the smart toilet space for about two decades.

TrueLoo can be fixed to an existing toilet.

Coprata and Toi Labs among companies looking to bring products to market in the next couple of years

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