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Company that developed physiological monitoring device that tracks health

Coprata Inc. is pursuing non-invasive physiological monitoring that easily, safely and discreetly tracks health with little or no change to daily routine. Coprata is developing a Smart Sampling Toilet, a breakthrough wastewater technology licensed from Duke University and developed by researchers from the Center for Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Infectious disease.

The Smart Sampling Toilet technology provides an automated way to track daily bowel movements by enabling hands-free analysis of human stool specimens in the privacy of one’s own home. This technology is designed to detect and manage acute and chronic gastrointestinal disease, provide early warning of infectious disease, and monitor personalized wellness. This product for digital health combines an enabling hardware with data analytics to empower individuals to manage their own wellness.

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Details last updated 25-Sep-2021

Coprata News

Smart toilets could provide effortless monitoring of a range of biomarkers, not just gut health

Guardian - 23-Sep-2021

Coprata and Toi Labs among companies looking to bring products to market in the next couple of years

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