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The Men Who Want to Live Forever


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Today several biotech companies, fueled by Silicon Valley fortunes, are devoted to “life extension” — or as some put it, to solving “the problem of death.”

The National Academy of Medicine, an independent group, recently dedicated funding to “end aging forever.” Many billionairs such as Peter Thiel, Jeff Bezos started investing in life extension researches.

Historically, people believed they were invincible. They saw their own bodies as entirely theirs and other people’s bodies as at their disposal.

But men who hope to live forever might pause on their eternal journey to consider the frightening void at invincibility’s core. Death is the moment when all of us must confront exactly what so many women have known all too well: You are a body, only a body, and nothing more.

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Company Representative

Longevity entrepreneur and founder of ZeroCater


Chief Science Officer at SENS Research Foundation. Author and advocate of ending ageing.


Calico’s vice president of aging research.

Company Representative

Chief Executive Officer of Amazon.


American entrepreneur and venture capitalist.