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Tally Health raises $10 million in seed funding for longevity research

Aims to extend human healthspan and promote impactful lifestyle changes


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Tally Health, the consumer longevity company has closed a $10 million seed funding round.

Celebrities including John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Pedro Pascal, Whitney Cummings and others, have also invested in the round.

David Sinclair, co-founder of Tally Health, aims to help consumers improve healthspan and extend longevity at a cellular level.

Developed the TallyAge epigenetic age test, along with personalized lifestyle recommendations and longevity supplements. 

New capital will support expanded research and development of new products, additional features, and technology integrations.

Funds will be allocated toward various technical, business and strategic development efforts as the company scales.

CEO Melanie Goldey believes that the financing reflects a “significant and growing” consumer interest in healthspan and longevity.

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David Sinclair

Chief Executive at International Longevity Centre UK

Melanie Goldey

Chief Executive Officer at Tally Health

Tally Health

Biotechnology company developing solutions to increase healthspan

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Tally Health raises $10 million in seed funding for longevity research