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Tally Health

Biotechnology company developing solutions to increase healthspan

At Tally Health, we’re changing the way we age.

Inspired by the opportunities unlocked by breakthroughs in longevity and aging research, we set out to create a company whose mission would be to help people live their fullest lives, for as long as they could. We want to change our relationship with health and aging and start a new movement – where we think less about aging, and more about living.

Science is the foundation for what we do. Recent scientific discoveries in animal models show that certain interventions can slow aging – and in some cases, even reverse it. Furthermore, scientists in the aging research field have reconceptualized our understanding of a cutting-edge benchmark for aging – biological age. We created Tally Health to bring decades of longevity science to the many, not the few.

Tally Health Executive Team

• David Sinclair, Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor

• Whitney Casey, Co-Founder

• Melanie Goldey, Chief Executive Officer

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David Sinclair

Harvard professor. Author of Lifespan.

Melanie Goldey

Chief Executive Officer at Tally Health

Whitney Casey

Co-Founder at Tally Health and Venture Partner at L Catterton

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