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Stealthy Harvard startup wants to reverse aging


Key points from article :

Rejuvenate Bio is cofounded by George Church of Harvard Medical School.

Will make animals “younger" by adding new DNA instructions to their bodies.

The company has carried out preliminary tests on beagles.

After dogs they plan to move on to humans.

Objective is the body and mind of a 22-year-old as a 130-year-old.

Rejuvenate hasn’t publicly disclosed what its dog therapy involves.

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Daniel Oliver

Co-Founder and CEO at Rejuvenate Bio.

David Sinclair

Harvard professor. Author of Lifespan.

George Church

Harvard Professor and Founder

João Pedro de Magalhães

Professor of Molecular Biogerontology at University of Birmingham Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, consultant, futurist, speaker

Matt Kaeberlein

Professor at University of Washington and chair of the American Aging Association

Noah Davidsohn

Co-Founder and CSO at Rejuvenate Bio.

Rejuvenate Bio

Company delivering age-reversing gene therapies for animals

University of Liverpool

Public research university for UK and international students