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Spend some more time on your feet to live longer

Light physical activity, including just standing, lowers risk for mortality


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Researchers have found that just standing still helps lower risk for mortality.

Activity levels of 6,000 women, aged 63-97, were measured for 7 days.

People who spent the most time standing had a 37 % lower risk of death compared to the group who didn't.

Lower risk of death was observed by standing still for even 30 minutes and effects were even stronger when participants were also moving around.

Older adults who are not able to do moderate-to-vigorous activities can still follow a healthy lifestyle just by replacing sitting with standing up more.

Another study found technology-dominated lifestyles result in increased sedentary time and less need for physical activity.

Purva Jain at UC San Diego, "Avoiding prolonged sedentary time and engaging in regular physical activity are key strategies for healthy ageing in the elderly".

Study by University of California, San Diego published in Journals of Gerontology: Medical Sciences.

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Purva Jain

PhD candidate and T32 Fellow in Ageing Research at UC San Diego

The Journals of Gerontology, Series A

Scientific journal covering the field of aging

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