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SIRT6 gene improves DNA repair and increases lifespans


Key points from article :

Gene found that is responsible for more efficient DNA repair in species with longer lifespans.

Over time, DNA is increasingly prone to breaks and mutations, leading to cancer and ageing.

Sirtuin 6 (SIRT6, AKA the “longevity gene") organises proteins and enzymes that repair broken DNA.

DNA repair analysed in 18 rodent species with lifespans ranging from 3 to 32 years.

The SIRT6 protein seems to be the dominant determinant of lifespan.

Five amino acids identified that are responsible for making a stronger SIRT6 protein.

Human SIRT6 is already optimized so search is on for even more robust genes.

University of Rochester research published in the journal Cell.

Could it be tweaked to be even more efficient?

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Associate Professor at University of Rochester.


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Senior Associate Dean for Basic Research at University of Rochester Medical Center.


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Co-director Rochester Aging Research Center.