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Selah Therapeutics launched to focus on ketone-based therapies for heart disease

Treatment options for diseases of aging - from the makers of metabolic switch


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Juvenescence and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging announced a joint venture with the formation of Selah Therapeutics Ltd.

Focus on developing first-in-class novel ketone-based therapies for chronic diseases of aging with first priority in heart disease.

Based on research conducted on ketones in the labs of Eric Verdin, John Newman, and Brianna Stubbs at the Buck.

Ketosis is a natural metabolic state that has mechanisms directly impacting hallmarks of aging.

“Selah’s mission is focused on developing and commercializing products that have strong scientific evidence-" says Jeff Madwed, Executive Director of Juvenescence’s JuvTherapeutics Division.

Global keto market is expected to rise to $14.75 billion by 2027.

 It’s not just about losing weight, as this new company plans to demonstrate.

Eric Verdin, Buck President and CEO says the new venture will be able to bring an important new therapeutic option to cardiovascular patients.

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Brianna Stubbs

Lead Translational Scientist at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Buck Institute

Independent biomedical research institute focused on aging

Eric Verdin

CEO & President at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Jeff Madwed

Executive Director of Juvenescence’s JuvTherapeutics Division

John Newman

Geriatrician, basic science researcher, and educator at the Buck Institute and the UCSF


Developing therapies against different aging related diseases.

Selah Therapeutics

Company focused on novel ketone-based therapies for the treatment of heart diseases

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