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Scientists identify multiple genes responsible for keeping cancer cells alive

If combined they can form the largest database of genetic information on cancer


Key points from article :

Scientists separately mapped genetic makeup of 25 cancer types and matched them.

Identified genes required for cancer cells to stay alive.

Carried out tests on 725 separate cancer-cell lines from 25 different cancers.

Potential to speed up the discovery and development of new cancer drugs.

Research by Wellcome Sanger Institute and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, published in Nature Communications.

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Aviad Tsherniak

Research Engineer and Data Scientist

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Collaborative organization that brings academics of various disciplines in the scientific community together

Francesco Iorio

Scientist (Msci in Computer Science and a PhD)

Nature Communications

Journal covering all topics in physics, chemistry, and biology.

Wellcome Sanger Institute

Center for genomic discovery.

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