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Research experts suggest: work longer to live longer


Key points from article :

Various studies found a link between working longer and reduced mortality risk.

A meta-analysis concluded that effects of retirement on health are mixed.

"About 20% of retirees health decline after retirement, while for 5-10%, retirement is really good for their health," - Mo Wang, retirement researcher.

"If you have a healthy job, working is good for your heath," - Cecile Boot, occupational health researcher.

Those who felt pushed into retirement tended to judge their physical well-being as worse.

If your marriage is unhappy, your health may decline or seem worse after you quit work.

A strong support network can lower mortality risk by 45%.

Volunteering was linked to a reduction in mortality risk of 24%.

Retiring to binge on TV shows is probably not the best way to spend your time.

"Stay physically active, eat healthily, engage in activities with good social and mental stimulation with the world around you," - Maria Fitzpatrick, a social scientist.

Healthy job or having a purpose in life at retirement age can help you lead a longer life

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Professor in Societal participation and Health at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) University Medical Center


Associate Professor in department of Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University


Department Chair of the Management Department and Director of Human Resource Research Center at University of Florida