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Orion College ageing research receives 1 million UK pounds from Jim Mellon


Key points from article :

Jim Mellon donated £1 million to Oriel College for ageing research.

Through his company, Juvenescence, he supports ageing-focused biotech companies.

Already invested in rising stars such as Lygenesis, AgeX, and Insilico Medicine.

This donation establishes the Mellon Longevity Science Program.

And will directly support the research of Professor Lynne Cox.

It aims to advance research into health resilience in the elderly.

Cox lab studies molecular basis of human ageing to reduce age-related morbidity, frailty.

Includes researching therapies for strategies such as boosting the immune systems of older people.

Donation will also allow the creation of a DPhil scholarship in Aging and Cell Senescence at Oriel.

First recipient of the scholarship will join the College for the 2020-21 academic year.

Mellon commended Oxford’s leadership in the field of research and understanding of ageing.

Making it a natural home to advance longevity science and support growth of its industry.

He believes in the importance of boosting immunoresilience among elderly

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AgeX Therapeutics

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Insilico Medicine

Biotechnology company that uses artificial intelligence to develop new drugs and for aging research

Jim Mellon

British entrepreneur, author and philanthropist with interests across a number of industries


Developing therapies against different aging related diseases.


Organ regeneration using a patient's lymph nodes as bioreactors to grow ectopic organs

Lynne Cox

Molecular cell biologist studying the biology of ageing and age-related diseases.

Oriel College

Constituent college of the University of Oxford

University of Oxford

Collegiate research university and one of the world's leading universities