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One in three adults face midlife health crisis in Britain, finds new survey


Key points from article :

About one in three middle-aged Britons has multiple health conditions.

Levels of mental ill health, obesity and type 2 diabetes have increased, alongside other chronic conditions.

Dawid Gondek, lead researcher of the study, suggests worsening diets, less exercise and an increase in air pollution play a role.

Jobs have become more stressful in recent years, which is likely to worsen mental health in the years to come.

Education levels have increased and alcohol consumption has decreased in recent years.

But, Dr Gondek says, for people currently in their late 40s, a complex mix of factors has led to overall worsening health.

Childhood is the most critical time to intervene, and responsibility for this rests on policymakers and parents alike.

Healthy eating, exercise and cutting down on cigarettes & alcohol can improve people's health in mid-life and set them up for a smoother ride into older age.

Research by University College London published in BMC Public Health.

Unhealthy lifestyle is causing middle-aged people prone to multiple health issues

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