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Old mice show improved muscle function with gene therapy


Key points from article :

A gene therapy treatment can ameliorate the loss of motor function and muscle strength in old mice.

This offers elderly people hope for continuing their active lives.

Increased denervation at neuromuscular junctions or NMJ (synapses that connect nerves to muscles) occurs with ageing.

DOK7 gene is required for normal development of NMJ.

Researchers injected old mice with DOK7 gene carrying adenovirus.

The mice showed showed improved motor function and muscle strength.

Suppressed muscle denervation and enhanced motor activity were also observed in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Therapies aimed at enhancing NMJ innervation have potential for treating age-related motor impairment.

Research by University of Tokyo published in Cell.

A single injection could treat motor diseases of the aged but needs more human studies

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