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The University of Tokyo

Public research university.

The University of Tokyo is Japan's top university, a world-class center for research, and a vibrant academic community.

World-class research:

Our researchers have been at the forefront of their fields since our foundation in 1877. Today, their cutting-edge research regularly appears in top international journals and has earned multiple Nobel Prizes. Research at the University of Tokyo across the arts and sciences is both broad and deep, as specialist knowledge is shared across traditional boundaries to further human understanding.

A robust education:

Our undergraduate education emphasizes the liberal arts for the acquisition of strong communication skills, a sound ethical framework, and interdisciplinary awareness, together creating a solid foundation for specialized knowledge. Volunteer activities, internships and other off-campus experiences are an increasingly important part of our education.

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People at The University of Tokyo


Professor at Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo.


Research Director of ERATO Ikegaya Brain-AI hybrid project, former professor at The University of Tokyo.


Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo.


Professor in Department of Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases at The University of Tokyo.

The University of Tokyo News

New mechanism underlying baldness and thinning of hair discovered

New Atlas - 18-Mar-2021

Balance in cell divisions control regenerative capabilities of hair follicle stem cells


Medical agent removes senescent cells to fix aging-related diseases

Japan Times - 16-Jan-2021

With positive results in mice, scientists expect to slow down ageing in humans


Old mice show improved muscle function with gene therapy (LEAF) - 27-Aug-2020

A single injection could treat motor diseases of the aged but needs more human studies


NR boosts intestinal stem cell population in aged mice

MIT - 28-Mar-2019

Supplement has a real physical health impact too = reduced inflammation


Electronic skin displays heartbeat on your hand

Engadget - 18-Feb-2018

e-skin can display vital signs in real time on a skin display. Breathable nanomesh electrode ble...


H7N9 Influenza Could Be The Next Big Flu Pandemic

Science Trends - 20-Oct-2017

H7N9 is an avian flu that was discovered in China in 2013. Since its discovery, there have been m...


Spreading cancer caught on film

BBC - 06-Jul-2017

Technology will help explain the deadly process of cancer spreading. Metastatic cancer is rarely...


Hacking Our Senses Will Transform How We Experience the World

Singularity Hub - 04-Oct-2016

Advances in neuroscience and technology may soon give us more than 5 senses. Bach-y-Rita: “We do...


Brain compass implant gives blind rats psychic GPS

New Scientist - 02-Apr-2015

A neuroprosthesis that feeds geomagnetic signals into the brains of blind rats has enabled them t...