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NewLimit, a new biotech launches to slowdown or reverse ageing

Aims to extend healthspan and cure ageing with affordable epigenetic therapies


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NewLimit, a company co-founded by Brian Armstrong and Blake Byers is on mission of extending human healthspan.

Interrogating epigenetic drivers of ageing and developing products that can regenerate tissues to treat specific patient populations.

Using primary human cells and reference species to develop machine learning models, and develop therapies that could slow, halt, or reverse this process.

Initial focus on epigenetic reprogramming; to restore the regenerative potential we all had when we were younger, but somehow lost.

Goal is to build an ambitious, well run, for-profit company that will deliver revenue generating products.

Make the products accessible to everyone at lower cost.

Raised $105M initially from the founders and may raise external funding as well down the road.

Currently interviewing and hiring the founding team.

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Blake Byers

Co-founder of NewLimit & investor in tech and biotech companies

Brian Armstrong

Co-founder of NewLimit


Company focused on human health and Rejuvenation

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