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Company focused on human health and Rejuvenation

An ambitious new company focused on radically extending human healthspan using epigenetic reprogramming therapies. Their long term ambition is to rejuvenate tissue throughout the whole body. However, they plan on developing intermediary products first, with the first two indications hypothesized to be ocular disease and immunosenescence. An example of the basic research they will be pursuing is mapping age dependent transcriptional and epigenetic shifts using single cell sRNA/ATACseq.

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Details last updated 16-Dec-2021

People at NewLimit

Blake Byers

Co-founder of NewLimit & investor in tech and biotech companies

Brian Armstrong

Co-founder of NewLimit

NewLimit News

TechCrunch interviews founders of NewLimit after it received another $40m of funding

TechCrunch - 16-May-2023

Reprogramming the epigenetics of a cell could reverse a significant amount of the functional decline that we see with age


Coinbase CEO selling 2% of his shares to free up over $50m for longevity investments (LEAF) - 25-Oct-2022

There is a strange overlap in interests between crypto people and longevists - and long may that benefit the industry!


NewLimit, a new biotech launches to slowdown or reverse ageing

NewLimit - 12-Dec-2021

Aims to extend healthspan and cure ageing with affordable epigenetic therapies