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Blake Byers

Co-founder of NewLimit & investor in tech and biotech companies

Blake Byers is a Co-founder of NewLimit. He was a General Partner at Google Ventures where he led investments in tech and biotech companies. Over a decade, Blake led early investments in tech companies including Robinhood, Gusto, Dapper,, and IonQ, and biotech companies including Denali, Forty Seven, Magenta, Arcus, Armo, Grail, Freenome, and many others. Blake previously incubated PACT Pharma where he was founding president and now serves as Chairman of the board.

Blake received a PhD and MS in bioengineering from Stanford University and holds a BS in biomedical engineering and BS in economics from Duke University.

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Details last updated 19-Dec-2021

Blake Byers News

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