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Nanotech spray can prevent coronavirus from spreading


Key points from article :

MVX Protex is a revolutionary spray that is guaranteed to completely sanitise home surfaces.

Coats any hard or soft surface except human skin, and kills bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Destroys the ability of viruses, bacteria and fungi to attach to a host cell, so that they can't spread.

Can be used on various surfaces including furniture, digital devices and textiles.

Licensed in the UK very recently and increasingly used by dental practices in London.

Developed in Japan by nanotechnology company Nanotera Group.

This is a long lasting disinfectant that lasts upto 5 years

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Jeremy Ramsden

Professor of Nanotechnology at The University of Buckingham in the UK

Nanotera group

Company that provides optimized solutions to environmental challenges, especially in the field of water

Saba Yussouf

Director of Nanotera group