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Nanotera group

Company that provides optimized solutions to environmental challenges, especially in the field of water

NANOTERA GROUP (NTG) is an integrated technology transfer organization. NTG continuously assesses new technologies, methods, products, and tools which can contribute to reducing both the cost of energy generation, storage and application and their environmental impact, improve health, enhance agriculture and food production, benefit the environment and create new employment.

Once NANOTERA GROUP identifies, verifies and acquires a new cutting edge technology ready to be introduced into the marketplace, NTG develops a strategy, packages the technology, organizes the market introduction and transfers the technology to the relevant regions, locations and environments.

Technology transfer is achieved through our scientific and technical platforms either by way of licensing, manufacturing or by way of joint exploitation with representatives or distributors in a regional approach.

In case that a promising new technology needs some further final stage development or complementary research, NANOTERA GROUP can count on its competent team and strong network of technical consultants and institutes.

Our constant challenge is to group the best technologies and to provide our scientific team an environment where innovation and productivity excels.

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People at Nanotera group

Saba Yussouf

Director of Nanotera group

Nanotera group News

Nanotech spray can prevent coronavirus from spreading

Nano Magazine - 11-Mar-2020

This is a long lasting disinfectant that lasts upto 5 years