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Moving around, even for a few minutes, is healthier for your heart than sitting


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A study published in the European Heart Journal shows that adjusting daily activities to include more moderate-vigorous physical activity and less sedentary behaviour is linked to better cardiometabolic health.

‌Even a few minutes of exercise instead of sitting can improve cholesterol levels, weight management, and waist circumference.

Moderate to vigorous exercise is best, but light activity is also beneficial.

Examples include brisk walking, heavy cleaning, cycling, hiking, jogging, or playing sports.

Aim for 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise daily, or incorporate "activity snacks" like walking during phone calls or doing star jumps every hour.

Replace sitting time with standing for a few hours each day to improve heart health.

Moderate to vigorous exercise provides the most significant benefits, but even light activity is better than remaining sedentary.

Replacing even a few minutes of sitting with moderate activity can improve BMI, cholesterol, waist size, and overall health.

Research carried out at the University of Sydney and UCL.

Try to replace some of your sitting time with standing or walking

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Moving around, even for a few minutes, is healthier for your heart than sitting