Mindfulness meditation prevents shortening of telomeres


New study ompared long-term mindfulness meditators to non-meditators.
Meditators had at least ten years of daily 60-minute meditation sessions.
Matched and compared to controls who had no meditation experience.
Controls showed the expected inverse relationship between their age and telomere length.
Age showed no association with telomere length in the group of long-term meditators.
The meditators also scored high on satisfaction with life, happiness, and resilience,
High hope people move toward uncertainty and negativity by seeing the situation as a challenge or opportunity.
Research by Navarra Institute for Health Research published in Scientific Reports journal.

Only a small study (17 meditators) but interesting nonetheless

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Academia Public University of Navarre (UPNA) - Public university in Spain, with campuses in Pamplona and Tudela

Journal Scientific Reports - Scientific Journal providing information from all areas of the natural sciences.

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