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Mice given ethanol in drinking water show many metabolic benefits

Perhaps all the benefits come their their increased physical activity - worth further investigation


Key points from article :

Whether moderate alcohol intake has a protective effect on health often explained by socioeconomic factors.

But this study in mice shows various improvements in metabolism when given 3.5% ethanol in drinking water.

Also resulted in 4.4% extension of mean lifespan.

Intervention started at 8 weeks of age (equivalent to 20 year old human).

Effect might be mediated by pathways involving AMPK and mitochondrial function.

Previous studies focused on polyphenols such as resveratrol, procyanidins and other substances like catechin and tannin, rather than the alcohol/ethanol.

Athletic ability and healthspan of mice drastically improved.

High-fat diet (HFD) mice showed increased insulin sensitivity; decreased NF-kB activation & inflammatory cytokines.

No pathological structural changes in liver, heart, or kidneys.

Nor any impairments of learning, memory, and cognition.

Improved mitochondrial function may be due to their high level of physical activity.

Research by Harbin Medical University published in Aging.

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Harbin Medical University

Public university located in Heilongjiang, China

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Mice given ethanol in drinking water show many metabolic benefits