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Meta-analysis studies relate autophagy mechanism with exercise in humans

The type of exercise can effect autophagy in humans, that in return can be an anti-aging strategy


Key points from article :

Researchers have demonstrated that exercise plays a role in regulating autophagy, depending on its type.

Boosting the ability of cells to get rid of unnecessary and damaged organelles and molecules is considered a promising anti-aging strategy.

They demonstrate that physical exercise probably regulates autophagy in an exercise modality- and tissue-dependent manner.

As shown in a meta-analysis of human studies.

Long-term resistance training might be the best exercise for increasing autophagy in humans.

The limitations of this systematic review include autophagy measurements limited to western blot analysis of some protein markers and analysis of only two tissues.

The studies were conducted mostly on young and middle-aged healthy participants.

The study was carried out at the Hong Kong polytechnic university and published in Autophagy Reports.

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Meta-analysis studies relate autophagy mechanism with exercise in humans