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Larisa Sheloukhova

Staff writer at LEAF, longevity advocate

Larisa is a recent graduate from Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology located in one of the blue zones. She is a neurobiologist by training, a health and longevity advocate, and a person with a rare disease. She believes that by studying hereditary diseases it’s possible to understand aging better and vice versa. In addition to writing for LEAF, she continues doing research in glial biology and runs an evidence-based blog about her disease. Larisa enjoys pole fitness, belly dancing, and Okinawan pristine beaches.

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Articles written by Larisa Sheloukhova

Meta-analysis studies relate autophagy mechanism with exercise in humans (LEAF) - 22-Mar-2023

The type of exercise can effect autophagy in humans, that in return can be an anti-aging strategy


Review identifies thousands of genes that drives skin ageing (LEAF) - 10-Aug-2022

Addresses challenges like phenotype list compilation and associated genes