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Memory retrieval made possible with a resetting drug

An experimental drug restores age related memory loss and brain function in mice


Key points from article :

The drug, ISRIB, has already been shown to restore memory function.

Present study showed rapid restoration of youthful cognitive abilities in aged mice accompanied by improvements in brain function.

"Aged brain has not lost cognitive capacities permanently but rather blocked by a vicious cycle of cellular stress" - Peter Walter, professor.

Aging compromise cellular protein production leading to widespread activation of integrated stress response (ISR).

ISRIB, integrated stress response inhibitor, works by rebooting cells' protein production machinery.

It Improves Cognition, Boosts Neuron and Immune Cell Function.

Older animals who received small daily doses of ISRIB were able to perform well as youthful mice.

May play a role in a surprisingly wide array of neurological conditions.

Less likely to have negative side effects and more attractive as a potential therapeutic.

ISRIB has been licensed by Calico.

Research by University of California published in eLife.

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Peter Walter

Professor at UCSF, investigator at Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Director of Bay Area Institute of Science, Altos Labs

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

Public research university that is part of the University of California system and dedicated entirely to health science

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