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LEAF report from the Longevity Leaders Conference


Key points from article :

Included people from aging research, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and insurance.

Prudential produced a booklet with the title “Prepare for 100”.

When large companies take things like this seriously you know the tide has turned.

Aubrey de Grey has shortened his prediction of longevity escape velocity from 20 to 18 years.

Crosstalk from one treatment may influence other age-related damage.

Academics able to talk openly about the potential of medicine to bring aging under medical control.

Encouraging signs from big companies - more interviews to follow

Mentioned in this article:

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Aubrey de Grey

President and Chief Science Officer at Longevity Escape Velocity (LEV) Foundation

Cleara Biotech

Cleara is developing therapeutics to eliminate senescent cells.

Ichor Therapeutics

Company that develops clinical products in the field of regenerative medicine

João Pedro de Magalhães

Professor of Molecular Biogerontology at University of Birmingham Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, consultant, futurist, speaker

Kelsey Moody

CEO of Ichor Therapeutics focussed on drug discovery that impacts the pathways of aging

Peter de Keizer

Associate Professor at UMC Utrecht, Founder and Managing Director at Cleara Biotech

Repair Biotechnologies

Biotechnology company focused on developing drugs for cholesterol and aging-related diseases

Senolytic Therapeutics (Senolytx)

Pharmaceutical company that develops a novel class of medicines by targeting damaged cells.