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Intermittent fasting: General effects and expert advices


Key points from article :

It takes 10-12 hours to use up calories in liver before using stored fat.

Most people trying to lose weight should strive for 16 calorie-free hours.

“Robust disease-modifying” benefit of intermittent fasting in animal studies.

Improvements found in variety of health indicators and a slowing or reversing of ageing.

When fats are used for energy, they produce substances called ketone bodies.

These regulate expression, activity of proteins and molecules that influence health, ageing.

A reasonable question might be “How safe is intermittent fasting?”.

And “How practical is intermittent fasting?”.

Research by National Institute on Aging, published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

There are a lot of good in IF for health, disease, and ageing, with some risks too

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