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Ingestible electronic pill detects sleep apnea and opioid overdoses


Key points from article :

A smart pill measures breathing and heart rate from inside the gut.

Potential to diagnose sleep apnea and detect opioid overdoses.

This ingestible electronic device is the size of vitamin supplement, contains accelerometer and medical-implant radio.

Measured breathing with 93% accuracy, heart rate with 96% accuracy.

This pill also has the potential to alert for help in opioid overdoses.

Can be excreted within a day, modifications underway for longer stay.

Future engineering to automatically release naloxone when an opioid user stops breathing.

Study led by Giovanni Traverso from MIT, published in Cell Press.

Revolutionary pill that could save lives by alerting for serious medical conditions

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Cell Press

Publisher of biomedical journals including Cell, Neuron and many others

Giovanni Traverso

Physician-Scientist, assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Private land-grant research university

Ingestible electronic pill detects sleep apnea and opioid overdoses