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IBM develops an online chemistry lab 'RoboRXN'


Key points from article :

IBM has built a new chemistry lab called RoboRXN to help scientists design and synthesise new molecules.

The online lab platform allows scientists to log on through a web browser.

They draw the skeletal structure of the molecular compounds they want to make.

Uses machine learning to predict the ingredients required and the order in which they should be mixed.

Sends instructions to a robot in a remote lab to execute.

Once the experiment is done, the platform sends a report to the scientists with the results.

New drugs and materials traditionally require an average of 10 years and $10 million to discover.

Platform like RoboRXN could dramatically speed up that process.

Would lower the costs of drug development and allow scientists to react faster to health crises.

Research by IBM.

Will lower the cost & speed up the process of developing drugs

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