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International Business Machines (IBM)

A global technology company

Together with our clients, we're using technologies like AI, cloud, blockchain & IoT to transform business, industries and the world. Let’s put smart to work.

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Deep Medicine


In Deep Medicine, leading physician Eric Topol reveals how artificial intelligence can help

International Business Machines (IBM) Creations

IBM Watson

AI platform for professionals.

People at International Business Machines (IBM)

Rob Thomas

Senior Vice President at IBM

Luq Niazi

IBM Global Managing Director.

Paul Merolla

Research scientist at IBM.

Rashik Parmar

IBM Fellow and Vice President Technology.

Anil Jain

VP & Chief Health Information Officer, Watson Health at IBM.

Dan Gordon

Executive consultant in the IBM Global Healthcare.

John McNamara

Senior Inventor and IBM UK University Program Leader.

International Business Machines (IBM) News

IBM develops an online chemistry lab 'RoboRXN'

MIT Technology Review - 28-Aug-2020

Will lower the cost & speed up the process of developing drugs


IBM Watson will be better than other commercial artificial intelligence systems

Independent - 11-Mar-2020

Will artificial intelligence surpass human intelligence one day?


IBM and MIT power research into microbiome

Health Data Management - 24-Aug-2017

Will study the connection between body bacteria and autoimmune diseases. Using supercomputing po...


AI that knows you’re sick before you do

ZDNet - 01-Feb-2017

IBM’s research labs are combining the company’s existing machine learning and artificial intellig...


AI Saves Woman’s Life By Identifying Her Disease

Futurism - 05-Aug-2016

IBM’s artificial intelligence system, Watson, compared the woman’s genetic information to 20 mill...


70m pharmacy customers targeted by IBM Watson and CVS

Washington Post - 30-Jul-2015

IBM Watson artificial intelligence system to identify physiological indicators and red-flag behav...


Watson Health to diagnose health data from smartphones and fitness trackers

BBC - 14-Apr-2015

IBM and Apple team up