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Harvard scientists reveal the secret to happiness


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The secret to happiness is volunteering to help others, says Harvard scientists.

People over age 50 who regularly volunteer, reported to have a higher sense of wellbeing.

Helping others has been scientifically proven to improve a myriad of health issues.

It’s associated with lower risk of death and smaller chance of developing complicated health issues.

It also catalyzes lifestyle improvement like increased exercise and physical activity.

Just two hours per week or 100 hours per year, experts say.

The study analysed the data of 13,000 adults and put out various surveys.

Impacts of volunteering checked, studying 34 different physical and emotional cues.

Now is a difficult time to volunteer because of the pandemic, but more needed than ever.

Can still do so, help others and yourself, while abiding by health guidelines.

Researchers from Harvard University.

Only two hours per week is all we need to do this simple act and be happy

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Eric S. Kim

Assistant Professor of Psychology & Data Scientist at the University of British Columbia

Harvard University

Private Ivy League research university in Massachusetts