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Genes correlated for diseases with similar age at onset


Key points from article :

The first data-driven classification of multiple diseases obtained using human genetic and medical data from the UK Biobank.

"Understanding the molecular links between aging process and age-related diseases could allow them to be targeted with drugs to improve late-life health," - Linda Partridge, Study co-author.

"Diseases with a similar age of onset were genetically more similar to each other," - Partridge.

Data from the UK Biobank to investigate the genetic associations of 116 diseases.

Genetic links between diseases with the same onset profile suggesting a common cause.

The UK Biobank houses data from half a million UK participants and is openly available to researchers.

"If you really want to know about human aging you need access to human data," - Dame Janet Thornton, Co-lead researcher.

"These could potentially be targeted to prevent or treat groups of age-related diseases simultaneously," - Partridge.

Research by UCL and European Bioinformatics Institute published in Nature Aging.

UK Biobank study reveals genetic links & potential treatment strategies for age-related diseases

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