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Nature Aging

Journal spanning the entire spectrum of research into aging

Online-only research journal publishing monthly from January 2021.

Nature Aging’s mission is to provide a unique multidisciplinary, unifying and highly visible publishing platform for the aging-research community. The journal is highly selective yet broad in its coverage, publishing research from across the entire spectrum of the field, ranging from the basic biology of aging to the impact of aging on society.

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Nature Aging News

Air pollution harms memory and thinking, not just lungs

Guardian - 03-May-2021

Even short spikes in air pollutants may impair brain health in older men


Food odour nullifies lifespan benefits of dietary restriction in nematodes (LEAF) - 29-Apr-2021

You may have to avoid smelling, not just eating, food for CR to be effective


Genes correlated for diseases with similar age at onset

Medical Xpress - 19-Apr-2021

UK Biobank study reveals genetic links & potential treatment strategies for age-related diseases


People may be ageing faster or slower than their actual age

US News - 18-Mar-2021

Genes play a key role, but healthy diet and exercise can help you look and feel younger


New mechanism underlying baldness and thinning of hair discovered

New Atlas - 18-Mar-2021

Balance in cell divisions control regenerative capabilities of hair follicle stem cells


A neural protein in blood can predict your lifespan (LEAF) - 25-Feb-2021

NFL protein increases with neurological diseases: a potential biomarker for ageing and longevity


Can short-term immune memory impact longevity?

Medical Xpress - 11-Feb-2021

Less inflammation due to shorter immune memory prolonged life of blind mole rats


Nature to launch new journal dedicated to the broad spectrum of aging research

Nature - 21-Apr-2020

Anti-aging research is becoming main stream, because NOBODY is researching how to speed it up!