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Extend life expectancy up to 3 years by aggressively lowering BP


Key points from article :

Reducing blood pressure (BP) than normal targets reduce overall death rates by 27 %.

This is true for adults at high cardiovascular risk.

Applying age-based methods, long-term benefits of intensive BP control could be estimated.

>9,000 participants, aged 50 and up, high cardiovascular risk, no diabetes, 130 to 180-mm Hg systolic BP.

They were given antihypertensive therapies, free of cost, to achieve BP targets.

BP target of >120 mm Hg instead of standard 140 mm Hg add 6 months- 3 years in lifetime.

Data reframed to contextualize results to be more meaningful to patients.

Analysis did not account for potential risks, including kidney injury and low BP.

Research by Brigham and Women's Hospital, data from SPRINT.

Published in JAMA Cardiology.

Middle-aged adults at high cardiovascular risk have this chance now based on new study

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Teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.


Monthly peer-reviewed medical journal covering cardiology, Mar20

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MD MPH cardiologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School


2-arm, multicenter, randomized clinical trial