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JAMA Cardiology

Monthly peer-reviewed medical journal covering cardiology, Mar20

JAMA Cardiology is a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal covering cardiology. It was established in 2016 and is published by the American Medical Association. The editor-in-chief is Robert O. Bonow (Feinberg School of Medicine).

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Details last updated 09-Mar-2020

JAMA Cardiology News

Cardiovascular disease risk and mortality reduced with healthy lifestyle

Boston University - 13-Mar-2020

It's never too late to change your lifestyle, but for best results, the sooner the better


Extend life expectancy up to 3 years by aggressively lowering BP

EurekAlert! - 26-Feb-2020

Middle-aged adults at high cardiovascular risk have this chance now based on new study


Obesity paradox debunked

Northwestern University - 01-Mar-2018

Previous findings showed that overweight people diagnosed with CVD live longer. Cardiovascular a...


US government gives away 10,000 Fitbits for precision medicine study

TechRadar - 07-Nov-2017

All of Us program was originally called the Precision Medicine Initiative. Will collect biometri...


Study tests accuracy of heart rate wearables

iMedicalApps - 13-Oct-2016

Researchers from the Cleveland Clinic tested Apple Watch, Fitbit Charge, Mio Alpha, and Basis Pea...