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Exercise is better than testosterone to improve artery health in men


Key points from article :

Exercise and not supplemental testosterone is the way to rejuvenate the aging male heart.

"To improve the health of arteries, exercise is better than testosterone," - Bu Yeap, study author.

Testosterone therapy has gained traction, largely in a bid for increased energy and muscle mass.

Using testosterone as a body-building tool "is not medically approved, and should be discouraged," - Bu Yeap.

Set out to weigh the relative impact on the heart health of 78 men between ages 50 and 70.

Exercise triggered a rise in testosterone levels.

62% rise in hormone levels seen among men who did undergo testosterone therapy.

Arterial function shot up by 28% among those who exercised without taking testosterone therapy.

Men who only received testosterone therapy saw no heart health improvement at all.

Exercise may be preferable over testosterone supplementation to improve heart health in older men.

Research by University of Western Australia published in the journal Hypertension.

There's rarely an artificial way to replace exercise

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