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Scientific journal covering all aspects of research on hypertension.

Hypertension is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal that was established in 1979. It is published on behalf of the American Heart Association by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. The editor-in-chief is Anna F. Dominiczak. The journal publishes original manuscripts, invited review summaries, invited case-based reviews, recent study highlights, invited brief commentaries, scientific or technical tutorials, letters to the editor, and novel findings of unusual interest. It covers all aspects of research on hypertension, including pathophysiology, blood pressure regulation, clinical treatment, and prevention.

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Hypertension News

Exercise is better than testosterone to improve artery health in men

WebMD - 23-Feb-2021

There's rarely an artificial way to replace exercise


Controlling blood pressure is the key to retain your memory

American Heart Association - 14-Dec-2020

Even slighter increase in blood pressure at any age is linked to cognitive impairment


Antihypertensive drugs have survival benefits even in frail elderly

American Heart Association - 08-Jun-2020

But in some countries due to high cost elderly people may not be able to afford these drugs


30 minute walk at start of day lowers blood pressure

NHS - 21-Feb-2019

As effective as some blood pressure medicines (but don't stop without talking to your doctor!)


Human Trial of Mitochondrially Targeted Antioxidant MitoQ

Fight Aging! - 20-Apr-2018

Aortic stiffness was lower in participants with elevated baseline levels. Ordinary antioxidants ...


Most home wrist blood pressure monitor readings incorrect

MobiHealthNews - 07-Sep-2016

Blood pressure measured at home and in the doctor’s office with both a wrist monitor and upper ar...