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Diet and lifestyle changes reversed epigenetic ageing in males


Key points from article :

An eight-week program of diet, exercise, and meditation reduces epigenetic age by almost two years in males aged 50-72 years.

To measure epigenetic age, researchers used the Horvath DNAmAge epigenetic clock.

This clock uses systemic and predictable biomarkers rather than random alterations to determine epigenetic age.

Majority of the participants showed no epigenetic benefit.

Methylation age was reduced by an average of nearly two years among the study group.

Non-participants were shown to have their methylation age increased by roughly one year.

Total cholesterol decreased by 22.8 mg/dL, LDL cholesterol decreased by 16.8 mg/dL.

One member of the treatment group was aged by over eight years, while another was youthened by nearly ten years.

May reflect basic inaccuracy or outside factors affecting the trial participants.

It is unlikely that an eight-week regimen of any combination can permanently reduce epigenetic age.

Research by National University of Natural Medicine published in Aging.

Dietary, exercise, sleep, supplements, and breathing regimen for 8 weeks reduced epigenetic age by 2 years.

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