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Dasatinib plus quercetin combination may help preserve cognitive abilities in elderly people


Key points from article :

Senolytics have a significant effect on the ability of older animals to perform basic cognitive tasks, right down to the neuronal level.

In this experiment, rats were trained to avoid a specific place through small electric shocks.

Older rats performed worse on this task than younger rats.

After D+Q administration, poorly perfomed rats had very similar response as younger rats.

Short-term memory and skill learning abilities were significantly improved.

Improvement retained even 5 weeks after ceasing the treatment.

A broad decrease in nearly all of the cytokines tested, including interleukins and interferon-γ.

IL-10, which increases with aging, was further increased with D+Q in both young and old animals.

Apical dendritic spines of aged animals given D+Q were thicker and substantially longer - increased ability to retain memory and knowledge.

D+Q treatment halved H3K9me3 while significantly increasing H3K27me3.

Study led by Adam Krzystyniak from Polish Academy of Sciences, published in Aging Journal.

Senolytics showed positive effects on rats but trials must confirm these findings on human brain

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Adam Krzystyniak

Postdoctoral researcher at Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences


Bio-medical journal covering research on all aspects of gerontology

Polish Academy of Sciences

Leading reasearch institution in Poland