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COVID-19 advanced testing lab created by UC Berkeley scientists


Key points from article :

UC Berkeley’s Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI) created a diagnostic lab for COVID-19.

Can soon process >1,000 patient samples per day with high-throughput machines, robotics.

Scientist from >50 volunteers from UC Berkeley, UC SF, local data management companies.

Lab to focus initially on samples from students and other UC Berkeley community members.

High-throughput PCR machines can test >300 samples at once, provide results in <4 hours.

Daily tests reach of 1,000 can ramp up to 3,000 tests per day if necessary.

The key was to quickly figure out how to scale and automate the process for clinical use.

Volunteer scientists now taking accelerated training to operate the equipment 24/7.

Accuracy and fast turnaround among their main focus.

In response to mass testing needs, they employ robotics and automation for accuracy and speed

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