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University of California

Public research university with 10 campuses and 5 medical centres

No other university does as much for so many as the University of California. For almost 150 years, the University of California has educated the brightest minds and helped California become a beacon of innovation. Our campuses routinely are ranked among the best in the world. But our reach extends beyond campus borders. Our people connect the dots, exchange ideas, make advancements and unlock the secrets and mysteries of the universe every day. They engage local governments and underserved schools, save lives and improve health, protect the environment and push the boundaries of space. And it adds up to an immense direct impact on the economy. UC supports 430,000 jobs and contributes over $46 billion to the California economy each year.

As of 2020:

  • 10 campuses
  • 5 medical centers
  • 3 national laboratories
  • 160 academic disciplines
  • 800 degree programs
  • 280,380 students
  • 227,700 employees
  • 2.0 million living alumni
  • 64 Nobel laureates
  • 430,000 jobs supported
  • $46.3 billion contributed to California economy
  • Secures $7 in federal and private dollars for every $1 in research funding provided by the state of California

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People at University of California

Claudia Kawas

Professor of Neurology at the University of California, Irvine.

Leonard Hayflick

Professor of Anatomy, University of California

Jules Bernstein

Public information officer at University of California

Mathew Blurton-Jones

Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior at University of California.

Marcelo Wood

Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior at University of California.

University of California News

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Nature - 05-Sep-2019

Small, uncontrolled trial, but (potentially) very exciting results


New transgenic mouse model with human brain immune cells

New Atlas - 06-Aug-2019

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