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Calorie restriction slows age-related stem cell exhaustion, improving overall health


Key points from article :

Caloric restriction (CR) has shown benefits for stem cell potency in muscle tissue, intestinal lining, blood, skin and hair.

Young and old mice on CR had stem cells thrice the size of controls, and there were more satellite cells in each gram of muscle.

More satellite cells expressed Sirt1 and Foxo3, well-known metabolic regulators.

Muscle engraftment is 4-fold effective.

CR for 4-28 weeks increased the intestinal stem cells of mice by 35%, and increased stem cells’ potency.

Multiple studies outlined the relationship between CR and the well-known metabolic factor mTORC1.

CR improves the ability of hematopoietic stem cells to renew themselves and differentiate, thus improving bone marrow function.

It also decreases the risk of cancer and reduces p16INK4a, a known marker of senescence.

Caloric restriction had a beneficial effect on the fur coats of mice; the fur was thicker and less thermally conductive.

Study review corresponded by Novi Hardiany from Universitas Indonesia, published in MJMS.

Many studies underlined beneficial effects of calorie restriction in various tissues of mice

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