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Biological age of single cells measured with high precision


Key points from article :

Traditional epigenetic clocks, biochemical tests measure the levels of DNA methylation in bulk tissue samples.

Using bulk samples obscures the differences across individual cells.

Researchers developed a technique known as scAge, a statistical program capable of capturing epigenetic age at a single-cell resolution.

Elucidated the aging process in murine hepatocytes, attenuation of epigenetic aging in muscle cells, and early embryogenesis-related rejuvenation in embryonic stem cells.

Research on biological aging, at the previously elusive level of the individual cell, is now a possibility.

"May have clinical applications for mammalian, somatic, germline, and cancer cells within heterogeneous tissues," - Vadim Gladyshev, senior author.

"...found an exciting application at the interface of aging, rejuvenation, and emerging single-cell technologies."

Study by Brigham and Women’s Hospital published in Nature Aging.

Epigenetic age of individual cells helps tracking ageing process in various tissue types

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