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Big dips in blood sugar can intensify your hunger cravings


Key points from article :

Foods lacking protein or other ingredients may leave you feeling unsatisfied after food.

People who experience a sharp dip in blood sugar levels 2 to 3 hours after eating felt more hungry.

They had their next meal sooner than others, and ended up eating hundreds more calories per day.

Big dippers had a 9% increase in hunger and ate more than 300 calories extra over the course of a day.

“Size of sugar dips after eating....has real potential to understand and control their weight and long-term health," - Ana Valdes, lead researcher.

This pattern translates to a 20 pound weight gain over a year.

Extra weight gain can have dramatic lifespan and healthspan consequences.

Monitoring how foods affect your blood sugar levels, you can develop diet and exercise patterns.

Wearable tech, phone apps and fitness trackers offers a way to monitor what exactly is going wrong.

Getting into good habits can stave off aging and age-related diseases.

Research by Kings College London and health science company ZOE.

Personalized healthy diet plan balancing blood sugar levels is the key to weight loss & overall healthspan

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Associate professor at the University of Nottingham


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